Tips To Consider When Choosing Your Baby Girl's Name Becomes An Argument With Your Partner

You and your spouse or partner may have a lot of trouble agreeing on a name for your new baby girl. Not to worry—it is a normal thing to disagree over a new baby's name. Finding common ground with your spouse or partner when choosing a baby's name can be easier. Follow these tips for helping you and souse or partner agree on a name that has symbolic meaning for both of you.

Staying Within The Confines Of Family Traditions

If you want to name your new baby girl after your mother and your spouse or partner wants to name her after his mother, you can compromise by combining the two names into a new one. For example, if you mother's name is Mary Lee and your spouse or partner's mother's name is Angela, you could name your new little girl Angilee or Angela Marie. Combining names from other family members is one way to be unique while staying within the confines of traditional naming.

Checking Out Name Lists Can Help

If you and significant other cannot agree on a name and neither one of you have a particular one in mind, it would be a good idea to check out the names you find on lists. You can find many name lists for new babies online. It may take a while to find one you both agree on, but doing so can help you avoid arguing and never finding the perfect name. Making a game out of name hunting can be a great way to soothe the tensions between you and your better half over names for the baby. For example, putting cards with a letter from the alphabet on them in a bowl and choosing one can lead you to first letter of two names on a list. Once you both have found a name under each letter, write them down and toss a coin to see which name wins.

Naming Your Baby Because Of A Special Meaning

You may have a name picked out because it has a special meaning for you. Your better half may have another name because it means something special as well. Choosing one of each can be the best way to solve this naming issue. You can give your special name as your baby girl's first name and your better half's choice can be her middle name or vice-versa.

Naming your new baby girl can be one of the most memorable experiences as a parent, so taking steps to make it fun and special is the best way to go. Check out sites like for ideas.

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You and your spouse or partner may have a lot of trouble agreeing on a name for your new baby girl. Not to worry—it is a normal thing to disagree over

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